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Bang Yongguk – Q

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It’s alright yeah

The tired moonlight looking up at the night sky, somewhere and somehow they look like they’re in hardship

Don’t escape it, because seeing you makes my heart hurt and frustrated, that’s why, so say something – it’s simple, baby

During the time everyone’s asleep, it’s the only time I can see you but if you’re not in the mood, then you don’t have to say it

Don’t cry right now as my song is the sound of the radio during the late night

Alright, even if I want to ask

I hide what I want to say within my red lips and make up lies again while having my mouth shut tight

I look up at the night sky with a comforted heart and swallow again and again and again

The night sky looks dejected and this image of you appears sad; the clothes beside you are crinkled

I want to ask who you seem to be longing for, why you’re crying silently, and why there’s no one beside you

Despite looking lonely, I can’t comfort you and when you sadly swallow that pill in your left hand, that’s when the lies pretend to not know anything and this is how I’ll comfort yourself

I don’t know what to say no more

It’s the Q, Q

It’s the Q, Q

Do you know


Sacramental Confession

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[LYRICS] Sacramental Confession – Yongguk

No matter how much you bury me, I resurrect
I survive till the end so I won’t need a doctor
Fighting isn’t a hobby, but a specialty
Conventional humans won’t understand
Hip hop, rock is

I’m in hell, dirty passion
I’m the new generation
Throw away all that is fake and hypocrisy
Not the truth, but fiction; I trust myself always (yeah)

The toys dance and breathe with no soul
Light up your eyes and force a bitter smile onto your face
I can’t adjust to this, this is the question mark thrown to this place

I’m in hell, burning passion
I’m the new generation
Open your eyes now open your eyes and spindle a spider web
As you hold onto one another, scream in breaking all the boards

It’s your own attention to say that something is hellish
Fake & hypocrisy, fiction & fiction, throw it all away
I’m the new generation