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I’m sorry, I didn’t wanted this to turn out. I have my lesson but, I still like that, That I wanted to die, that I didn’t changed. I was so sorry,


Ommo, Mianhanida . . . neomu neomu minahae. I could not help. . . I was keeps resting and resting. Keep on my computer and drama, movie.

Today, everyday . . . I living in this like that.

Someone please take me out.


I was hurting myself I think, But actually I was hurting mummy the most. Mummy, Listen to me, Mummy I wasn;t like that, I didn’t wanted to be like that.

I just can’t help, cz since little I was like that.

Killing myself, I’m in pain, in pain.

Wanted to leave, but . . .

I love you mummy . . . Mummy . . . .





I should have done better, I should be grateful with this 3 YEARS

Thank you, letting me study, thank you . . . BUT I was wasting your money again. What I have been done, 1st disappointed and it will be the second Is here. I wanted to say thank you, and I love you .  .. even though because I was just relay on you, I was just thinking about my mummy when how much I down, and how much I wanted to 48HOURS, everyday seeing you, on the time I suffering. I love how much, I have home, I have you. . . I have you in your arms since little till now . . . [ In arms, that not hug ] but, the hands that helps me, I was so thank you, that I was able to eat breakfast, on every Sunday, Sunday morning the best, cz mummy will cook, I have to eat before my afternoon going back to hostel aand living in hostel like crazy, keep the door shuts! I scare I mummy come to school.

I should have done, my 3 years now, please keep going, please keep going up. Please be successful. Please earn some money for home, please earn money for mummy. Mummy, Happy Birthday 60th , and you still working, giving us, money, giving us, Where to find, where to have mummy like you. SHe cooks good, SHe done the house work, she never force me to do sometihng that I don like, and how much I become like this. Mummy, I’m soory . . . I have been so much SORRY, I’m TIRED 


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Just A Simple Love I'm SiewSiew...Hope To Be Happy Just Me Silly And Crazy Siew Me On Everything. I Wanna Be 开心果 :D My Love... 嚴先生 ❤

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