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Today again, how much I cry these few day.
Because I learned a lot . . . Being sorry, But I still not able to changed. I was still like that. Didn’t go to school?

Didn’t go to school as I promise to. Promise to be good, Promise to go school, continue my study. So, my pay can continue.

I have my DREAM to catch but, I didn’t go and chase it. And how I was keep stuck myslef in this room doing nothing. When I’ll be going to school, I don’t even know ?

Damn you, DAMN me,
That didn’t go to school.

This few day, my cries really a lot. Yesterday back from home. Mummy walk and send me to BUS station. . . I was walking behind she, What I do is “TEARS DROP” I saw the hard work, so hard, earning money for me to school, but WHAT I’m doing that didnt attend school. WASTING money,

Even I always say my mummy don LOVE me, but I realize she did, she did LOVE me, more than my brother, more than my little brother. She LOVE me, hoping me, can study well be a good good girl. And getting a good good future, not because of she. But, because of myself.


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Just A Simple Love I'm SiewSiew...Hope To Be Happy Just Me Silly And Crazy Siew Me On Everything. I Wanna Be 开心果 :D My Love... 嚴先生 ❤

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