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January= Kai
Febuary= D.O
March= Lay
April= Sehun
May= Xiumin
June= Chen
July= Kris
August= Chanyeol
September= Tao
October= Baekhyun
November= Luhan
December= SUho

1-7= Kissed me
8-10= Hugged me
11-15= Married me
16= Cooked for me
17= Dance for me
18-20= Go on a walk for me
21-23= Dated me
24= Play with me
25-27= Called me
28= Visited me
29-30= Took care of me
31= Lifted me

Pink= Because He Loves me
Blue= Because he Likes me
Black= Because he Thinks I’m funny to be with
White= Because I’m cute
Orange= Because That’s what he wants to do
Yellow= Because I’m pretty
Blue= Because I’m Jolly
Green= Because I Love to smile
Gray= Because I’m caring
Brown= Because he wants to be with me
Red= Because he’s in a Good mood
Others= Because It’s his hobby

What’s yours guys??
Mine: Sehun kissed me because He thinks I’m funny to be with Ohhh~ Sehun!

Hahaha I’m the one who made this. XD

Admin Sehunnie – L I K E !


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Just A Simple Love I'm SiewSiew...Hope To Be Happy Just Me Silly And Crazy Siew Me On Everything. I Wanna Be 开心果 :D My Love... 嚴先生 ❤

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