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[TRANS] How To Love MV: Handwritten letters from BEAST

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Love Love BEAST ! ! !


Doojoon: Hello! B2UTYs. It’s BEAST’s Doojoon.
5 weeks passed by really fast. It was a time with a lot of talk and a lot of trouble!!
Each day was a lot of fun and I was so happy because of everyone!
It felt unfamiliar singing in the broadcasting studio after a year, and there were so many new hoobae singers so it was even more unfamiliar.
In the ever-changing surroundings it was like we were the only ones who didn’t change so this promotion period felt great.
We will release albums more frequently and we will be with everyone for longer.
It was a short 5 weeks that made me realize many things.
Everyone! Even though you feel like it was too short trust us a bit more and wait for us!
I dare request so!ㅜ Most importantly be healthy and careful and I’m always sorry, thankful, and I love…

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