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Grow higher . . . .

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Favorite Cartoon of EXO Members

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[INFO] 🙂
Favorite Cartoon of EXO Members

1. D.O : Doraemon l Pororo
2. Suho : Micky Mouse l Spongebob
3. Kris : Shaun The Sheep l Dragon Ball
4. Luhan : Dragon Ball l Donald Duck
5. Baekhyun : SCOOBYDOO l Micky Mouse Series
6. Sehun : Gardfield l Micky Mouse Series
7. Chanyeol : Tom And Jerry l Doraemon
8. Kai : Pororo l Avatar Series
9. Tao : Panda Series l Barbie Series
10. Chen : Donald Duck l Gardfield
11. Xiumin : Baby Huiy l Spongebob

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Papa Hong Says . . . .

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From Cube: Greetings. I’m Hong SeungSong.

Greetings. I’m Hong SeungSong.

A quiet usual afternoon, siting at the outdoor terrace of Cube Cafe and had many thoughts. Haha, even by just calling idols’ names, the energy received from fans’ loud laughter was great beyond my imaginations.

Sometimes, while talking to these fans, there are many times where I’m inspired and have found solutions to it. There were times where B2UTY, Melody, 4NIA, G.NI and JiHoonie and KiRi’s fans get together in a place and gathered some fan thoughts, cheering each other and sharing interesting stories as well. Previously, on Youtube, Dream Concert, when they cheered as one, it became a dream. In the future too, I hope to see such blessings everywhere too.

The aromatic breeze of May, flower fragrance, the bright sun that lifts the mood, everything, although knowing that they don’t belong to me alone, I’m still forever grateful. The nature, even though we don’t wish about it, automatically we are filled with its many things. The creation of this company that has been able to receive love and its love being shared again, has reached 5 years of business.

And, thanks to jewel-like friends who looked after Cube family, many touching moments are born. I wanted to say this at least once, just like gifts from nature, giving more than I’ve wished for,everyone’s affection, love, cheers, encouragement and sometimes, even cold-hearted words are engraved in my heart.

Today, the emotions I had when 4minute who took first place in mainstream broadcast last week for the first time since their debut 4 years ago, has reemerged again. Contented children, and those who have sent in votes diligently with their fullest support and also those who felt sorry for not being able to show their support too. Although it has been 6 weeks since its release, if it weren’t for the effort they’ve poured and tears they’ve shed, as well as fans’ support, it wouldn’t be possible to maintain the number 1 spot.

The difficult moment we’ve faced together, the memories of this long waited comeback were in flames, and now, they are preparing for days where they’ll smile even more. More than results and standings, 4minute will be armed and prepared to show stages that only belongs to 4minute. Now, to them, they are more convinced that a better era is unfolding.

4minute’s has been gaining experience with their solo, unit and other individual promotions during this period. They are making preparations to re-prove their powers through ‘What’s Your Name’ again. A new project is currently been undertaken, please give lots of support like now.

Also, not forgetting BEAST’s comeback whom many are waiting for, it is almost time to show three larger pictures of BEAST. BEAST members are working hard to put together a puzzle that will filled those supported them with happiness. It has been decided that BEAST’s comeback will be adjusted to July.

After their last album release, they have been focusing on various aspects. They who pursued a perfect and progressive look more than anyone else, have decided to walk slowly step by step so as to walk a further distance, instead of a quick take off.

When I look at some mentions, there were many times where fans would worry about idols’ health, idol group’s present situation as well as the future too.

The heart where I placed the weight on the balance is the same. It isn’t different for 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB, Roh JiHoon, or Kim KiRi. Every time when these friends whose body have become weak or who are hurt, and had to visit the hospital, my heart hurts without a reason. Whenever I see that their body aren’t of healthy condition, I will be greatly startled like a father’s heart. The same goes for rookies. Health management and healing treatments are more than just a company obligation. There were times where I would think of improving their health in the future with all my might.

Recording great success unknowingly, these artists have partnered up with the company from the very start and walked together as a companion and as a friend, sustaining each other throughout the journey. In order to have their happiest space – singing and showing their best on stage, investments are required for a better future. Rather than joy immediately in front of their eyes, they have persevered, so we hope that everyone would give your support and understanding.

Currently, BEAST are healthier than any young man. Not only in their health aspect, but in terms of contents as well, where they are making solid preparations for their album so that it’ll become turning point in becoming global stars.

BEAST will be revealing their first stage during their solo concert in July. But prior to the release of the album, two more projects will be undertaken. Comprehensive to the new album’s concept, the projects are ‘Will it be Okay?’ in May and ’B2UTY more’ project in June. Aiming for a long term approach, BEAST comeback this time round will be even more special than the usual one.

In order to fulfill the promise in May, we will be releasing the first digital single title track ‘Will it be Okay?’ on the coming 29th. Yong JunHyung who we are no longer unfamiliar with, has produced the song, and it’s a title track that shows BEAST’s maturer emotions. The moment when everyone listens to the realistic and dramatic song, everyone would thought that they are lead actors in movies.

BEAST who are currently spending busy days to enhance the quality of their new album have been giving hints so as to meet fans soon. Revealing the contents in such special manner, till then, we hope that fans continue to keep this fluttering heart and have fun with the presents.

BEAST who have confirmed their July release will reveal their first stage in July solo concert. Their music to fully utilize the stage to their fullest on stage will be revealed firstly to B2UTYs. The previous many suggestions and interesting ideas about their comeback are considered, so please don’t forget to look out and anticipate for it.

Our goddess G.NA are spending new days lately. She wears glasses,looks at music sheets and produces songs with a serious look, I’m touched to set eyes at her, with such image. Grasping a color only hers, G.NA has participated in many collaborations with many artists as she tries challenges high-spirited. That’s quite beautiful of her.

Also, every year, as a global star, G.NAwill be leading with a few overseas promotion. Please look forward to G.NA’s next album, where she’ll make a charming and surprising transformation!

Meanwhile, CUBE’s maknae group BTOB are glamorously holding various promotions around Asia. Since their planning stage, they, who have shown a multi-dimensional appeal are just about to catch hearts of many like opening a Pandora Box. We will work hard to create more opportunities to show their possibilities as well as enhancing their growth and development.

BTOB has started recording and preparing for a new album. Everyday, they grow and become prettier, just like Melodys who have become one with BTOB, so please look after their growth as well as the whole Cube family.

Cube’s male soloist, Jihoonie has started his new challenge. Roh JiHoon who has preparing all this while will unfold his plans soon. Just like Jihoonie’s bright smile, in order to keep watch of every day, Jihoonie has put in ever more effort before his debut, please actively give him your support.

Also, our pretty-boy gagman Kim KiRi’s intention to create laughter to the Republic of Korea, is spreading like waves. I’m always thankful for fans who look after Kim KiRi’s pure energy to spread laughter and supporting him just like any Cube family.

I tried to express my usual thankful heart and confess through my lips. Perhaps from a different stand, it might be a ‘Second Confession’. Today, I’m somehow feeling good. Today, more than giving my second confession to every Cube family, and promising many promises, I hope that they’re always happy, and I, representing all employees and artists, would like to wish everyone to be healthy and at peace. Thank You.

鄭鎰勳 ! ! !

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Jung Ilhoon


Words to learn

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Pelajaran 1. Percakapan Dasar

[ Ne.(ye.)]

Tidak. (Bukan.)


Apa kabar.

안녕히 계세요.
[Annyong-hi gyeseyo.]
Selamat tinggal.

안녕히 가세요.
[Annyeong-hi gaseyo.]
Selamat jalan.

어서 오세요.
[Eoseo oseyo.]
Selamat datang.

[Gomapseumnida. (Gamsahamnida.)]
Terima kasih.

Kembali. (Sama-sama.)

[Mianhamnida. (Joesong-hamnida.)]
Minta maaf. (Mohon maaf.)

Tidak apa-apa.


Pelajaran 1. Perkenalan Diri


Bill :

안녕하세요. 만나서 반갑습니다. 저는 빌 스미스라고 해요.
[Annyeong-haseyo. Mannaseo ban-gapsseumnida. Jeoneun Bill Smith-rago haeyo.]
Apa kabar. Gembira sekali bertemu dengan anda. Saya Bill Smith.

저는 IBM 서울 지사에서 근무하고 있어요.
[Jeoneun IBM Seoul jisa-esoe geunmuhago isseoyo.]
Sedang bekerja di kantor perwakilan IBM Seoul.

저는 미국 시카고에서 왔어요.
[ Jeoneun miguk sikago-eseo wasseoyo.]
Saya datang dari Chicago, Amerika Serikat.

한국에 온 지 일년 됐어요.
[ Han-guge on ji ilnyeon dwaesseoyo.]
Sudah satu tahun di Korea.

아내와 두 아이가 있어요.
[Anaewa du aiga isseoyo.]
Keluarga saya, isteri dan 2 anak.

저는 골프와 테니스 등 스포츠를 좋아해요.
[Jeoneun golpeuwa tenisseu deung spocheureul joaheyo.]
Saya suka berolahraga termasuk golf dan tenis.

저는 한국을 참 좋아해요.
[Jeoneun han-gugul cham joahaeyo.]
Saya senang sekali di Korea.

자연도 아름답고 사람들도 참 친절해요.
[Jayeondo areumdapkko saramdeuldo cham chinjeol-haeyo.]
Pemandangan alamnya cukup indah dan orangnya cukup ramah tamah

Kata-kata baru

자기소개 –> jagisogae –> perkenalan diri
소개하다 –> sogaehada –> memperkenalkan
만나서 반갑습니다 –> Mannaseo ban-gapsseumnida –> gembira sekali bertemu
저는 000라고 해요 –> Jeoneun 000rago haeyo. –> Saya 000.
근무하다 –> geunmuhada –> bekerja
미국 –> miguk –> Amerika Serikat
시카고에서 왔어요 –> Sikago-eseo wasseoyo –> datang dari Chicago
한국 –> han-guk –> Korea
일 년 –> ilnyeon –> satu tahun
아내 –> anae –> isteri
아이 –> ai –> anak
골프 –> golpeu –> golf
테니스–> tenisseu –> tenis
스포츠 –> spocheu –> olahraga
좋아하다 –> joahada –> suka
자연 –> jayeon –> alam
아름답다 –> areumdaptta –> indah
사람들 –> saramdeul –> orang-orang
친절하다 –> chinjeol-hada –> ramah tamah


축구 –> chukku –> sepak bola
야구 –> yagu –> base ball
탁구 –> takku –> tenis meja
테니스 –> tenisseu –> tenis
볼링 –> bolling –> bowling
당구 –> danggu –> bilyard
수영 –> suyeong –> berenang
달리기 –> dalligi –> atletik
마라톤 –> maraton –> maraton
승마 –> seungma –> menunggang kuda
체조 –> chejo –> senam
하키 –> haki –> hoki
핸드볼 –> haendeubol –> bola tangan
배드민턴 –> baedeuminteon –> bulu tangkis
양궁 –> yanggung –> memanah
골프 –> golpeu –> golf

Things EXO member like to do with the other member:

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Things EXO member like to do with the other member:
1.Suho : Like pinching Sehun’s cheek
2. Kris : Like holding Tao’s nose
3. Baekhyun : Like staring at Kris’s eyes
4. Xiumin : Love hugging Chen from behind
5. Chanyeol : Love holding hands with Baekhyun
6. Luhan : Like to lean on Sehun’s shoulder
7. D.O : Like patting Kai’s cheek
8. Lay : Like holding Sehun’s shoulder
9. Kai: like touching and caressing D.o’s neck.
10. Chen : Love holding Kris’s arm
11. Sehun : Like to mess with Luhan’s hair
12. Tao : Love to hold hands with EXO member, but most often with Suho, Kris and Xiumin

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BTOB Behind Story :: Music Bank – 130509

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WOW. . . .

So nice, at 1st saw that Lightstick. . . . It seems WHAT . . . .
The shape, the unique . . . .

Gonna buy it . . . BUT, the deadline almost coming, scare not able to brought it . . . From the Fans club. . . .

HUHU . . .  .

– – –

Lets see, the cutie . . . with the LOUDSPEAKER BTOB . .  . .

– – –



Minhyuk . . . ♡ ♡ ♡




太可爱了呀 。。。



Ilhoon. . . Hello Hello



他这笑容,都是。 。 。 。  。  。 。 。 就是他


哥哥,超可爱的。 。 。 。 啊啊啊啊啊!!!!





The one, My Love . .  PENIEL ♥ ♥ ♥


PENJAE Moment . . . ♥ so cute . . .



Boy . . .


恩光ya . . . 😀 😀 😀