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多久了。 。 。 。哥哥,

你还是 The 1st I "Love "so much


The reason Junhyung got a tattoo wasn’t because of style or concepts. He just wanted one.

Junhyung is a passive resister. He doesn’t listen to others.

Junhyung’s parents raised him as a neat-freak.

Junhyung thinks that people who don’t need sleep shouldn’t sleep.

Junhyung doesn’t like being ignored.

“Within these candies, there might be a deadly candy. I will take responsibility for whoever eats that candy. It’s because I don’t exactly remember what I put in them.”Junhyung

Junhyung is in charge of nagging with raps on the side.

Junhyung doesn’t think his hands are pretty without accessories (rings).

During one of their filming sessions, you can hear Junhyung cursing.

Hyunseung pointed out that Junhyung is the male version of SNSD’s Jessica, also known as Yongsica.

Bon Jovi is one of Junhyung’s favorite singers.

Junhyung can’t go anywhere without his Dr. Dre headphones.

Junhyung’s mother hated his shaved hair so much, she even cried.

For five years, Junhyung’s been using the same Gucci wallet.

When the B2ST members first started living together, Junhyung threw away the members’ things to keep the dorm clean. He thought the members would be angry, so he was surprised when he found out they didn’t care.

Junhyung has a tattoo on his arm which says “seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow” in Latin.

Junhyung’s chest tattoo says “born again still your son,” which represents his love for his parents.

For his perfect date, Junhyung needs a bowling ball, a car, money, and something nice to wear.

Junhyung hates losing the most.

Junhyung originally specialized in bboying. After he dislocated his shoulder for the 3rd time, he switched to popping.

A fan posted cuts from “MTV B2ST” on B2ST’s fancafe. Junhyung replied, “Junhyung oppa is so handsome, suave!”

Yong Junhyung was misheard by “Yongjun hyung” by fans, which is how the nickname “Yongjun” became one of his most popular.

Junhyung’s ideal type is Son Dambi.

Junhyung is close to F.Cuz’s Jinon.

Junhyung can’t stand being separated from the members for over a week. He must always be with the members.

Junhyung prefers bad girls. He says nice girls are good too, but bad girls have this appeal he likes.

Though he sleeps and sleeps and sleeps, Junhyung is still sleepy.

Junhyung occasionally thinks of quitting. But his strong passion towards music made him follow a “this or nothing at all” perspective.

Junhyung has had the most experience with girls. His experiences help him in writing lyrics.

Yoseob and Junhyung nearly got rejected from Cube.

Junhyung has 3 handphones and an iPad.

Junhyung likes tall girls with swag and can dance well.

Rather than writing about anything in particular, Junhyung prefers to write about his personal thoughts or worries. He would write about love as well, even though people expect him not to.

Junhyung likes how there’s enough space for the members to eat, interact, and communicate with each other.

Junhyung blamed Dongwoon as the reason why he used to always get edited out on screens.

Junhyung is especially picky about the bathroom. “It’s a place of hygiene so it must be clean.”

Junhyung is really cute and tactful offstage. He’s the complete opposite of the charismatic rapper he is on stage.

Junhyung makes sure there’s always shampoo to use and that they never run out of shaving cream.

Junhyung says the members and manager don’t clean up after themselves after they eat.

Dongwoon loved to dress in Bohemian style. Junhyung even thought that he was Jack Sparrow.

Junhyung was shocked to find out that Dongwoon was the maknae. He thought Dongwoon was much older than him.

Junhyung hasn’t come home in so long that even his own dog couldn’t recognize him.

Junhyung usually cleans the living room without telling anyone. Then he blames the members for not helping him.

The members each have different colored toothbrushes. Junhyung likes to arrange them according to the rainbow.

Gikwang is the laziest to wake up. Junhyung is the second.

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