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130115 GDA Rehearsal & Waiting Room & During GDA – BEAST, 4MINUTE, BTOB

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‎[FANACCOUNT] 130115 GDA Rehearsal & Waiting Room & During GDA – BEAST, 4MINUTE, BTOB

Note: i just compiled the ones related to Beast, 4Minute & BTOB. All fanaccount are by a coordinator at GDA @Bibi_Mix

yoseob must had add alot insole cause he so tall

Hyuna Keep dancing then i look at her she got so awkward xD

4minute singing balled song so nice

Hoobae are well manner … EVERY SINGLE BTOB MEMBER BOW TO ME ~ but whole row 7 member i busy bowing till i only saw ilhon Eunkwang Sungjae

Doojoon Gonna get Sexy i guess cause he felt so cold ….

Hyun sik wanna go toilet but he cant find so He went SM area and u turn back~ TROLOLOLOLO

Onew Suho Dongwoon Baro BTOB Are Well manner kid … Siwon and the rest of Exo are okay ~


Minhyuk wae so well manner keep bow and Smile happily ~

Infinite Politely Greet B2ST =] They look friendly towards each other

Dongwoon Key Woohyun chatting with each other ^^

Hyunseung actually adorable ~ lolz He basically Bounce back to his waiting room ~ Lolz

Jiyoon x Sohyun Playing with each other ♥

Peniel Bow and Introduce Himself to us ~ Hello Btob Imnida ~

Jiyoon say Bye Bye when I send her to The car cause she going back already ㅠㅠ

Hyuna Are really One Hyper kid ~ She Basiclly Sit outside and chat with dancer …. Hara too

B2ST going back to Hotel should be going back tomorrow At 9pm

Jiyoon and Gayoon Went back first cause busy for their sub unit album … The rest still here

EERK EUNKWANG very good manner ~ He basically sincerely Bow and say thank to us the staff ~ Others too but eunkwang the best

First thing that B2ST came Is to request Coke cause they dont drink 100 Plus ~ Lolz

Dongwoon Always came out talking to Others 91 Liners And Crew too xD So i saw him alot

Always Almost bang to Kikwang =.= He come out i go in or he go in i come out~ Lolz

4Minute Always Only Hyuna Running Around ~ Lolz Playful Kid

BTOB Minhyuk LOVE TO BOW =.= No matter how many time i saw him he bow i bow he bow i bow … he bounce up n down and Bow together ~ Lolz

Peniel always bow to and intro his group name … =] His Very nice and cute

Wonder Who”s Having Sore throat In 4minute cause they req for medicine

Please take out with full credits


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