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My Oppa And Eon-ni

我喜欢的,总是Leader or Rapper

The Member In Groups, And Who Really Attracting Me Is The Either LEADER Or Rapper…

It Shows, Where Those Oppa That I Mostly Like Is The Position Of LEADER Or Rapper And It Is

There Was The RAPPER

Just Like


1. Baro, Who I Like In B1A4. He Is A Rapper…

And Before Like In Baro, JinYoung Leader Was The One Who Being My Bias



2. Cheon Dung/Thunder

The Handsome In My Heart… 😀

Rapper Of MBLAQ



3. Wow, The Dream High Baby BOY… HAHA, Just Called Him That…. Love His Smiling EYES

JinWoon [ 2AM ]



4. ZICO From Block B

He Is COOL…. At 1st, Was Getting Shock With His Appearance In “Nillili Mambo”

But, Getting Crazy When Keeps Going On Listening….. BBC Following HIM

A Great Leader, Rapper

And He Loves Composing…. I Love The SONG “Movie’s OVER” So Much

He Was Great……


5. Boyfriend – NO MIN WOO

At 1st Thought He Was The LEADER… After, The Details Owh… He Is The Little MAKNAE… Rapper Of The Group.

As, I Seen WOW….He Do Really Changes A Lot…. Changes So Lot From The 1st…. And Now The New Song “JANUS”

He Was Just . . . .

Don Know, What To Say…. It Was

AWESOME And Just So So SOOOOOO Lots Of Changed?????



6. LEDApple

Loves Kyu Min 



7. Phantom – Sanchez

Falling In Loves Just From The Song “BURNING”….

Super Loves That Song

Giving So Much Of EMOTION



8. U-Kiss 


1st Discover HIM in the Song 0330

Loves That Song………… Love And Love

The Rapper, Dong Ho And ELI


Wow, Finally….. ZE:A……….. HEHEHE…..

Loves Kwang Hee, Loves His Acting, Loves His Talk…..

BUT But BUT, More Love Is


He Guy,  was So HANDSOME TO BE…….. ❤

❤ Minwoo ❤


Get’s To The Girl GROUP ….

KAHI – After School…..





The Beautiful Ever….

Bora Bora And Bora…..

Loves That Beautiful Pretty Girl

SISTAR 19 – Hyo Rin And BORA



The One, I Wanna be Just Your SISTER

I was Calling Them 언니


The Secret Girl

사랑합니다, 언니


Time Time Time To Shine (Oh)

Time Time Time Secret Time (Yeah)

Time Time Time To Shine (Oh)

Oh Oh Oh Secret Time

너는 내 별빛, 내 마음의 별빛

넌 나만의 달빛, 소중한 내 달빛

뚜루왑 두밥 두밥 (뜸바리 둡)

(뚜루왑 두밥 두밥) (뜸바리 둡)

뚜루왑 두밥 두밥 (뜸바리 둡)

(뚜루왑 두밥 두밥)

You Are My Shy Shy Shy . . . (Shy Shy Shy . . .)

Oh Oh Oh My . . .  (My My My . . . )


The Special…



There was THREE, The Three That Love MOST.

Minhyuk, PENIEL AndIlhoon



Chicago BOY


The Rapper Boy, You Are So COOL

JUNG Ilhoon

So Great Of Them……….. Loves Themmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The WOW, The WOW And WOW Guys That I Liked

사랑밖에 난 몰라 I want you only you

이대론 절대로 보낼 순 없어

Ok, Just Say IT…..
They Are GREAT….
SOMEHOW Like Changsub, Eunkwang, Hyunsik And Sungjae Too o o o o o o xDD

Forever And Ever

The Most Ever Loved Since 2011, A 1 Year Ago…..

My Family And Friends Knows Who I LOVES, The Ones Who I 1st Thought Of Wanna MARRIED To!

LOLX, Everyone Loves HIM \\*^o^*//

The One BOY, That I LOVES So MUCh, Phone Wallpaper, PC Wallpaper All YOU….
So Happy, And Show It To My Friends… :DD
He Is The 1st ONE

Others THAN THAT….. There was ASLO

Leader Du Jun The Most LOVE 2 In The Group Of BEAST


And The One Of MOST, Just You

Being A Baby, Starting Of 2012

Be The New Artist Of 2012, You Hope My Hope

Be The Most Rookies Group 2012, You Are GREAT

Just LOVES, And Support


My Great Baby BOY


There Is No Other….

That I Was Loving Each of Them

The Rapper, BABY ZELO

The LOVES One Is Baby ZELO 

Yup, The Starting Of Debuted In The “BANG And ZELO”

Just In This Year…. I Still Remember Chinese New year was Coming, And I Was Home at KLANG Didn’t Even Come And Sees Your Fans Meeting @Sungai Wang Plaza….

And I Keep, Arghhh With My BROTHER…..

Keep Arghhhh Cz I Wasn’t There To SEE YOU Both…………

Is My Brother, Makes Me Loves In YOU.

My Brother Shows Me The Music VIDEO “Never Give Up”

And Started Like And Love In ZELO 

你看,我没得去看你们 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!!!

But Lucky, I Do Catch To Sees You In 8TV Nite Live…. THANKS 8TV


WOW, SO Great…………………….

And Not Forgotten I DO Pull My Brother To Watch It With Me!!!! HUH!


In B.A.P 

I Loves EACH Of Them……………

All The Six Baby BOY

All The Six, Who Comes To Conquer The EARTH

And The Earthling Was So SO Love And LOVE With Them……

The  2nd LOVES Is,



Being So Curious, He Sing So HARD Everytime…. ==?

He Really GREAT Vocalist ❤

  Where Is LOVES Bcz His HANDSOME Face, But After That… It Was Just Fallin’ In Loves With His VOICE, The High VOICE in the song – NO MERCY… He Sang So GREAT

3rd Loves, Himchanchan 😀

Also In the song NO MERCY

with That LOOK Really Melts My Heart………… The Guy was HOT 😀


The Fourth [ IV ]

Starting of Killing Camp…. That’s Starting LOVE More In The LEADER OPPA….



I Would LOVE AND LOVE So MUCH, This LEADER…… Muacks…..

The Leader, Has His CUTE Side


[ V ]

Next Is Young Jae

Sometimes, Would Call Him The BAD BOY

And The Last Baby BOY is Jong Up……….

I Was Just Forgotten The REASON In LIKING BOTH Of Them……….

Oh, Just No REASON DAH!!!!!! xDDD

Jongup – Is Having The Bright Smile… 🙂

And Become More LOVE, When Really Really HOPE He Do Well In The EXAM….

And Somehow Saw His Performance After The EXAM…. Tears Drop, Owh He Is BACK FROM EXAM

Really Really Wishing HIM Good LUCK, And All THe BEST

And Finally, Yes…. He DID Well In The EXAM 🙂


Wanna be In Be My LOVE Place


☑ TS Entertainment


All Is My LOVE

LOVE MUCH . . . Love

Just The One I Love

And Love U, Is Important……….. 오빠, And 언니

I LOVE YOU ! ! ! *^ο^*




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