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Happy Birthday Mr Donald Duck – OneFM WAYNE

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Happy Birthday To The One!!!


Last Year…
23 August 2011,

Hello, Hi… :))

The Yummy, Durian

Chit Chating

Ermmrmmm, Who Writes For Who??????


Our Photo…. Thanks…..


The Funny Capture With Buddies – JingWen

Wanna, Looks Like GD – Boom Shakalaka :))

Funny LOL


The Birthday Guy, Seeing His Birthday Card…

TALKs With The Super Buddies….


No, No Outing For Paying…. Is Your Birthday…

Your Birthday… Don!!!!

Keep “TARIK” Him….


Money, Changing With YUKI
RM 20 – RM 100

New Riggit Money

The JiaMin’s
Liyue, And Yi Chi’s

Picture With The Super And Super Buddies….

@JiaMin…. ONG!!!


Best Wishes For Him, All The Best In Work…
In The OneFM DJ – Happy Hour Forever …
You Are Great In The Way You Are…

Yes, :)))


Wayne, Buddies Support Always And Forever….


Thanks For Letting Me GO…. Thanks…. :))) U Won’t Know How Much I Love 23 August… Every Year 23 August Is The One Day…


 WITH HIM. WITH THEM And You !!!! 

Happy Birthday… ❤

Thank You So Much

Hello, JiaYi

Thanks So So Much….


So Waste Evelyn Was Not Here… If She Was ….

It Will Be More Happy I Thought ….

YES, Evelyn Thanks TOO!!!


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Just A Simple Love I'm SiewSiew...Hope To Be Happy Just Me Silly And Crazy Siew Me On Everything. I Wanna Be 开心果 :D My Love... 嚴先生 ❤

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